Surgery Day

Day of Your Procedure

  • Bathe or shower and brush your teeth the morning of your surgery. DO NOT swallow any water. Nail polish and contact lenses should be removed.
  • Dress comfortably; Tight-fitting clothing may feel restrictive following some procedures. Wear sensible shoes to allow safe walking.
  • Limit the number of people accompanying you. To maximize the comfort of everyone waiting, we request that only one person come with you.
  • If you are female of child-bearing age and capability, please be prepared to give a urine sample at the surgery center.
  • It is normal to feel anxious or a little nervous before your procedure. If you are highly anxious when you arrive at the surgery center, please let your Pre-Op nurse know.
  • In the Pre-Op area, you will be asked the name of your physician and to say what procedure you are having done that day. This is to help ensure that you have been properly informed. If you are unclear about your procedure, this is the time to ask questions. We will be happy to ask your doctor to speak with you.
  • Before anything else is done, you will be asked to sign several forms that include financial responsibility, procedure/anesthesia consent, and medical information release.

Who Will Provide my Anesthesia?

Our Anesthesia Provider, in collaboration with your Surgeon, will decide on the appropriate anesthetic for your surgery based on your medical history, the type of surgery, and your post-operative pain-needs. Our Anesthesia Provider is YPS Anesthesia.

After Your Procedure

Following your procedure, you will be moved from the operation room to our fully equipped recovery area. There, our anesthesia and nursing team will closely monitor you. The length of stay varies.